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Just like Manicure, Pedicure is also a cosmetic treatment but of your feet. It involves trimming, shaping, smoothing and painting of the nails along with removing cuticles and softening the skin with scrub and massage.

Pedicure is a nail-care service. It helps you look more groomed and clean. Maintenance of nails is often ignored especially that of legs. With Pedicure you’ll look more presentable. Clean and groomed nails are also vital for personal hygiene.

Your legs take you places and therefore get dirty easily. When you meet someone, they may not notice your legs at the first glance but they do notice it. Chipped or dirty nails may make you feel uncomfortable while too even when you wear covered shoes. Well trimmed and shaped nails look neat and tidy.

Painted nails look a lot more stylish and shiny than the non-painted nails.

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The nail-care services offered by Sheetal Arora include filling of nails to cover any dents or imperfections, filing to shape the nails, polishing for a smooth and shiny finish, removal of cuticles and dry skin on the nails and painting of nails with the colour of your choice (from the color – range we offer). The treatment also includes massage, scrubs – exfoliation and miniaturization.


Experience a Pedicure service with us  to pamper and relax your hands and feet.

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