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Fashion Show

During fashion shows, a lot goes behind the stage. When the show is on, the back stage is equally busy. For a good show the Costume, Makeup, Accessories, Props, etc. have to be perfectly tuned together.

The Fashion Show Makeup has to be fast and accurate. For fairly two simple reasons – you can’t get the makeup done hours before the show, there’s a lot more to be taken care of. Also, you can’t afford a last minute makeup blunder. Fashion shows have special make artists who are well versed with fashion show make. It also requires someone who has a good understanding of the make requirements a show like this call for.

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Sheetal Arora has the sense and sensibility to understand the theme and demands of the show. From simple ramp-makeup tips to the major makeup finish, she can do it with an ease.

The art of applying foundation, eye makeup, fuller lips and hair is something that reaches perfection only with experience. Sheetal Arora has 6 years of experience in this field and has perfected these arts.

If Sheetal Arora do your makeup, be sure, the ramp is yours.

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