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Eyes are a mirror to your soul. They have their own vocabulary.

Facial Makeup has a lot to do with the eyes. They are one of the most prominent feature on your face. Which is why even in the nudest makeup styles, makeup artist miss on modifying or highlighting the eyes.

Where a dramatic mascara can steal all the attention, a beautifully sketched liner can hold the attention for long. The mesmerizing effect that the eye shadows create can leave everybody spellbound. And the language that your eyebrows speak can make anybody fall for you. Eyes alone can spell the magic.

There are various options for stylizing eyes. Kaira Beauty Salon offers a wide range of eye fashion services. Check out a few here:

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Eyebrow Shaping

Each face has a specific shape – oval, heart, square etc. Did you know that your eyebrows if styled according to your face type can have a lot of impact on your appearance? The shape of your eyebrows can make or break the look.


What feathers are to birds, lashes are to your eyes. The more, the beautiful. Neatly curved lashes can accentuate the look of your eyes. We do it either by maskara and eyelash curlers or with a artificial lash extensions like – Cluster Full Lash, Solo Lash (half), Solo Lash (half), etc.

Liner/ Kajal

Eye liners or kajals are like markers used to eyes a defined shape. We create the most stunning looks with liner/kajal. It’s basically like sketching the eyes.

Eye Shadow

A sketch is incomplete without colors. Eye shadows act as fillers and shapers for your eyes. We create the most magical looks with eye-shadows. We have a wide range of color pallet to create classy and stylish eyes.

Colored Lenses

Colored lenses are a in thing these days. It’s a good idea to experiment with your look by adding a pop of color with the most natural looking colored lenses.


Glittery eyes can be made more beautiful with glitter. This is best look for night events. We create this look in the most classy and non–bling-bling way.

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